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La Source offers a very unusual menu of great value holidays! The philosophy behind all of our holidays and retreats is sustainability, adventure, the great outdoors, healthy living, positive change, space to ‘be’, good energy, community and natural wholesome food. Our motive is not profit but providing forum for inspiration!

We run family summer adventure and yoga holidays, a budget half term family ski, circus and yoga holiday and we have just added a very low cost summer ACTION ADVENTURE IMMERSION in Chamonix.

All of our trips inspire a respect for the environment and self.

La Source was founded in 2007. The founder of La Source spent 5 years working for Outward Bound in the USA, Costa Rica and South Africa. She ran an Eco Adventure and Yoga Lodge in The Alps for 5 Years.  La Source Experience Ltd is a Limited company complaint with the Travel Package Travel Regulations. Clients money is retained in a trust account until the trips are complete.

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