Our Philosophy

Founded on the magic of community, sustainability, inter-connection, personal growth, and a Joie de Vivre, La Source Holidays and Retreats are designed to enable you to tune into your own beat and just ‘be’!”

Saskia, Founder

Our Mission Statement

Through the power of nature, a sense of community, healthy food and adventurous and reflective activities, La Source offers ‘more’ than just a holiday.

Our Vision

The philosophy behind all of our holidays and retreats is sustainability, adventure, the great outdoors, healthy living, positive change, space to ‘be’, good energy, and community!

We welcome wonderful and inspiring guests who come from all over the world. La Source started as a ‘Commune’ and we really nurture that feeling on our retreats and holidays through artful facilitation. 

We choose our locations for their energy and natural beauty. We want people to walk out of the door, take a deep breath, and remember that life is amazing!