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Driven by a dream, and going against all advice, we bought a 19th Century Savoyard Farm in 2007. We moved into the Farmhouse downstairs and drafted a plan for The Barn above. We wanted a low impact, sustainable and low energy house.

The May 2009 Yoga and Climbing Course

Author admin posted on May 07 2009

We were very excited, on our first course, to have people from Nimibia, Dubai, Russia, Italy, Canada and London. Wow! A great mix of lovely and interesting women.

The first night was Andy (our Chef’s) 29th Birthday so we brought everyone over to a neighbouring farmhouse where friends had organised a surprise BBQ. It was a beautiful evening and relaxed atmosphere and a great way to start the course.

The next morning we went to the dojo for our first yoga class. We lit the wood burning stove and candles to Om’s and started with a blend of Chi Gong and yoga warm ups – mind silencing pranayama (useful to overcome lead climbing fear!) – sun salutations – and a class of ‘climbing specific’ flowing asanas leading to final relaxation. Most of the team had practised yoga before. The Iyengar yogis were challenged to let go of their habitual practise and Simona, who had only ever practised in front of her Nintendo DS, was excited to have a real life teacher!

The climbers had 2 coaches this week; Anna Torretta, the ex-world ice-climbing champion and Agniezka – the 2 most ‘ripped’ women in the valley! On Day 3 and 4 everyone was leading. The yoga kept tired arms from stiffening too much. Horray!

Back at base, La Source is full of organic food and mellow red wine, breathtaking views and sneaky fags on the balcony! What do you do… this IS after all a holiday! As Nicola says, it is our intention that matters.

Yoga has now gone freeform. We have moved beyond four walls and practice in front of a Lake with the snowy peaks reflected in the water. We are literally paddling with tadpoles and feeling the dew and spring flowers between our toes. Everyone’s practice is really progressing. We used gravity to assist us with headstands and nearly everyone is up! Then we did laughter yoga and could not stop laughing for the rest of the day.

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  1. trouble says:

    i though you’ve nicknamed me KGB because of my real name… names. I mean that you though that Natalia and Natasha are the different names but i use them both.. Ok.. Funny. Thanks for the explanation.. I call myself Trouble.

  2. La Source says:

    That was Nicola’s idea.. and also your spy camera.. but for me, it was your amazing solo world travel experience and toughness! You are ‘Hard core!’x


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